Responsible, Accountable Government

As a tax attorney and small business owner, Brent Howard knows that jobs are created in the private sector, while overregulation and over taxation from the government hinders economic growth and entrepreneurism. Brent is a fiscal conservative who will tackle Oklahoma’s budget crisis the right way – by working to ensure efficient government, proper oversight, and making sure the playing field is equal for all. When the government picks the winners and losers, it is the average Oklahoman who pays. Brent will fight for this district and state to ensure there is proper accounting and responsible stewardship of your tax dollars.

A Great Education for Every Child

Our children are our future. The decisions they will one day make will shape our communities and our state for years to come. Brent Howard believes we must prioritize education, support our schools, and stand with our teachers to ensure every child has access to a quality education. A strong, properly-funded education system will provide our students with the skills they need to succeed in the career they choose, while also attracting new employers who seek a well-educated workforce.

Our Oklahoma Values

Brent Howard is a proud Oklahoman and a native of the Altus area. Like you, he believes that our freedoms and our values are sacred and must be defended. Brent will always stand up for conservative, family values to protect life at all stages and will fight to ensure that no government ever tramples on our constitutional rights.